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When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

Insomnia Con is an app development summer programs for rising college students.  It was also Dimple’s opportunity to get a jump start in her app development career. Her strict parents approved of her going, she has an awesome roommate, and she has an idea that’ll help people’s lives. Only when a boy named Rishi comes onto the campus to make a badly timed joke. Their first meeting ended with iced coffee all over Rishi.

It ended up that Dimple and Rishi are partners at Insomnia Con, but with a bad first impression may turn into a working relationship, to a friendship, to a romance? With STEAM in the works of romance and Indian American culture, this is a book that’ll make you think and laugh.

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek By Kim Michele Richardson

Cussy Mary Carter is the last of her kind, a Blue. Her skin is as blue as the Kentucky sky. Despite this, Cussy becomes a traveling librarian in President Roosevelt’s Kentucky Pack Horse Library Project, riding an old mule for miles each day in all types of weather to deliver reading materials to the poorest mountain folk. Daily facing physical harm and prejudice, Cussy is determined to bring the joy of books and reading to an area so poor that entire families perish from starvation. Known as “Book Woman” to these destitute but proud people, Cussy not only provides them with knowledge, but hope for a better life.


Ada Lace is on the Case by Emily Calandrelli and Renaee Kurilla

Science and technology forward Ada just moved to San Francisco this summer, and immediately broke her leg. Friendless and motionless, Ada passes the time to write down the ecosystem of her street. During her writings, Ada notices that one of the dogs has gone missing. Thinking that it's a dognapping, Ada gets help from Nina. Nina hooks up cameras around the street to find the dognapper! The answer might be simpler than one can predict!

Piggy Bunny by Rachel Vail

To his parents, Liam is a perfect little piglet. They tell him he is just as he should be. Liam is not content to be "just as he should be." He wants to be the Easter bunny. He practices hopping and eating salad and delivering eggs. He becomes pretty good with the hopping and delivering eggs part. Liking salad is going to take longer, however. With encouragement from his grandparents and an ill-fitting bunny suit, Liam soon becomes the Easter Bunny. So, if you have a dream, it just might become a reality.